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Basketball Rules


When a game is cancelled due to inclement weather or a facility conflict, teams will be notified by email.  If it's close to your start time, the director at the venue will contact the on-call Staff Member to give an update on current conditions. 

Due to limited rain-dates, games will not be canceled unless there is severe weather or facility closures. If you do not see an update, games are ON as scheduled.



The Director of the league holds the right to override any and all rules he deems necessary to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of league participants and the league itself.


Ejection From Game

If a player is ejected from a game for any reason, he/she is suspended from the following game as well, including playoff games. If a player is ejected from the final game of the season, his/her suspension will be served the first game of the following season.


Facility Regulations & Requirements

Any participant who brings a guest assumes full responsibility for the actions and/or potential injury of their guest. Guests are permitted as spectators only and may not participate in or interfere with league games. Any guest under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by an adult, as required by our insurance carrier. 

LU Sports and our host facilities are not responsible for lost or stolen personal property brought to the facility by league members. Players are responsible for any damage to the facility or equipment provided from the result of misuse, negligence, or reckless behavior.

Any equipment in need of attention should be reported to the game official.

Stolen Property

Neither LU Sports nor facility owners are responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen personal property of participants or guests.


Fighting will not be tolerated. Fighting will result in the immediate ejection of all persons involved and indefinite suspension from LU Sports entirely.


Teams have ten (10) minutes following the scheduled start time to have a team. If a team cannot play after ten (10) minutes have passed, they will be forced to forfeit the game.

If the forfeit occurs the last week of the regular season, the forfeiting team may not be permitted to play in the playoffs.

A team that forfeits a game without 48-hour notice to LU Sports will be responsible for both team's referee fees. The forfeiting team will not be permitted to play its next game until forfeited referee fees are paid.

The following penalties apply as well:

  • 1st Forfeit: Loss of game and warning that additional forfeits may result in the team's removal from the league.

  • 2nd Forfeit: Loss of game and the Director reserves the right to remove the team from the league without refunding league fees.

  • 3rd Forfeit: Removal from the league without having league fees refunded.

Forfeited games  impact Standings Points & Tie-Breaker Scenarios.


Exposed jewelry should not be worn during games, as doing so may be a danger to the player wearing the jewelry and fellow players. Such items include, but are not limited to, wristwatches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other facial piercings. Medical bracelets are encouraged to be worn if needed. Game officials are instructed to ask players to remove all jewelry.

Officials & Officials Fee Schedule

All games will be officiated by referees coordinated by LU Sports. Compensation for officials is to be provided by participants on-site before games start. The recommended payment method is Cash or cash app, a mobile money exchange service allowing account holders to send and receive money using their smartphones. Officials will not start games until fees are paid in full. Officials have the right to cancel any game because of non-payment. If a team forfeits, the team that forfeits is responsible for payment of both team's fees and must make payment before its next game or team will not be able to continue its season. Teams will be notified before each season the cost of official fees. Ref fees $40

Playoff Tournament Eligibility

A player must be on a team's roster to be eligible for the team's playoff games.


All players must register online and be listed on the team's official roster in order to be eligible to play in a league.


There will be 6 regular season games and a playoff tournament at the end of each season. The higher seeded team is the home team for all playoff games.

Team Shirt/Uniform

All players must wear a LU Sports team shirt for the current season while playing in league games. Players not wearing their team shirt will not be permitted to play.


Please ensure all trash is removed from fields and gyms before leaving. Our goal is to always leave the facilities we use in better condition than we found them!

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Unsportsmanlike conduct, as judged by the game official, is grounds for immediate ejection from the game. Please respect our game officials as well. While you may not agree with all of their calls, they deserve to be treated in a sportsmanlike manner as well.


All players must agree to the LU Sports Liability waiver when registering or they are not permitted to participate in Lu Sports leagues or events.


Overtime Rules

Regular Season: 1-minute Overtime Period

Playoffs: 2-minute Overtime Period

Clock stops under 1-minute

No Timeouts in OT


Playoff Rules

Every team makes playoffs

Bracket Format - Single Elimination

Seeding based on Regular Season Record



Team fouls will be recorded by the scorekeeper. When a team commits its Six (6th) foul in a half, the opposing team will enter bonus status and shoot 1-and-1. After the ninth (9th) team fouls committed will result in a double bonus of two (2) shots. Team fouls are reset at the end of the first half. 

If a foul is called while shooting and the ball goes in the basket, the point counts as a continuation play and the shooter will take one (1) foul shot. If a foul is called while shooting and the ball does not go in, the play is dead and the shooter is awarded two (2) free-throws or three (3) free-throws on a missed shot on a three (3) point shot attempt.

Any fouls or violations called on the defensive team in the front-court and do not involve free-throws, are to be administered via a sideline in-bounds with a five (5) second count. All other fouls or violations that do not involve free-throws are to be administered via a sideline or end-line in-bounds depending on the spot of the foul or violation.

Foul Shots

The shooting team may have three (3) players, including the shooter, rebound a foul shot, while the defending team may have four (4). Low block positions remain empty. Players around the lane may enter once the ball is released from the shooter's hand. Players behind the shooter may not enter the lane until the ball touches the rim.


A ball that touches the ceiling or back of the backboard is out-of-bounds. A ball that makes contact with a structural support of the backstop, as determined by the referee, or goes over the backboard is out-of-bounds.

Start Of Game

A jump ball at center court will be used to start the game as well as any subsequent overtime periods. For any additional held balls or possession determination, a possession arrow will be used. Whichever team did not have the possession in their direction at the end of the first half will possess the ball to begin the second half of regulation time.

Stuck Balls

A ball that gets stuck on the rim is considered a jump ball and will be awarded to the team that holds the possession arrow.

These may only occur during a dead ball. Substitute players must be acknowledged by the referee and beckoned on the court.

Technical Fouls

Technical fouls will result in one (1) free-throw and the ball will be returned to the offensive team at center court after the free-throw attempt. A player that receives two (2) technical fouls will be ejected from the game and suspended from the following game as well.

Ten (10) Second Rule

After the opposing team scores, the offensive team must move the ball beyond half court within ten (10) seconds or a ten-second violation will be called.


Each team is granted (4) timeouts PER GAME to be used in regulation.  They can be used in Overtime.

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