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Futsal Rules

  1. 6 Week Season (Week 6 Playoffs)

  2. 5v5 - 4 Players 1 GK

  3. 45-Minute Running Clock

  4. Kick Ins Below the Knee

  5. 6 fouls= 1 PK. Fouls reset after 

  6. Direct/corner kicks-opposing player 3 yards away from the ball opposite team 

  7. Direct Kicks/corner kicks can be above the knee.

  8. No Slide Tackling 

  9. No GK Punts

  10. Yellow Cards player to be subbed out for 3 Minutes.

  11. Double Yellow (Red Card) player out for the remainder of game. Team plays man down.

  12. Direct Red Card to play man down. Suspension pending severity of Card.

  13. Players may only play in one division. Either Elite or Premier.

  14. No offsides

  15. Subs on the fly

  16. Games to start at the assigned time

  17. Size 4 Futsal to be used

  18. Indoor shoes or sneakers

  19. 12 Rostered Players Max per team on the roster

  20. Each team is responsible for a $30 ref fee each game  

  21. No foul language in English or Spanish 

  22. Waivers must be signed by the player to be able to participate 

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