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9v9 Soccer


  1. 6 Week Regular Season plus playoffs (All team make playoffs)

  2. 9v9 - 8 Field Players 1 GK

  3. 45-Minute Running Clock

  4. Kickins - below-knee 

  5. Direct/corner kicks 3 yards away from the ball opposite team 

  6. No Slide Tackling 

  7. No GK Punts

  8. After 6 fouls PK 

  9. Yellow Cards player to be subbed out

  10. Soft Red Card to play 5 minutes short ( Straight Red- (aggressive) play one man short player suspended. Suspension up to LU Sports

  11. No offsides

  12. Subs on the fly

  13. Games to start at the assigned time

  14. Size 5 Ball to be used (Teams Must Provide)

  15. Soccer cleats or any active wear 

  16. 16 Players Max per team on the roster

  17. Players may only play on one Team

  18. Each team is responsible for a $40 ref fee cash to be paid before games

  19. No foul language from coaches and players - SPANISH OR ENGLISH

  20. Waivers must be signed by all to be able to participate in order to participate.

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